I don’t agree with you!


How does that title make you feel when those words are uttered to you? Uncomfortable? Slightly annoyed? Frustrated? Want to prove your point more and make sure the other person knows they’re wrong? When you hear these few words, there’s no need to be.  

We have a tendency to think a disagreement is an attack on us personally. It isn’t, it’s just a difference of opinion. No right, no wrong, just a different view and that’s ok. Listen, learn and see different perspectives.

It’s not an attack. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid. It’s nothing against you as a person.

Embrace others opinions and thoughts. Think about them:

• Have they got a point?

• What perspective are they coming from?

• Could this help improve your own opinion?

• Is there something you have been missing?

• Is there something you haven’t thought about?

• Is it something you are yet to learn?

• Could this help improve you as a person?

• How have they came to this conclusion?

A difference of opinion isn’t a negative. It’s just a different opinion and sometimes that can be room to grow.

It’s not always easy. It’s something that I encourage my clients to do. It helps give you peace of mind, aid clarity and growth. Sometimes there’s no beating that you just have a difference of opinion and there’s no problem with that.

How boring would the world be if we all thought the same?!



Nathan Douglas - Performance Coach. Mentor.  Double Olympian. Six-time British Champion and International Medallist.


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